Successful finalization of the telecommunications development project (TFP) for MVM Rt.

Maintenance and development of a reliable, economical self supporting telecommunications network providing quality service is indispensable to supply the basic activities of MVM Rt. The countrywide network which is especially designed for the Hungarian Power Companies Ltd. and its partners involves few dozens junctions supplied by transmission equipments. Following the several years of preparation and planning work the investment project had been completed in 2003. In the last phase we took part in the circuit change-over procedure of the new SDH (Synchronized Digital Hierarchy) system.

The change-over procedure from the old transmission system and from the exterior supplier systems had been finalized in August 2003. The preparation of the change-over plan and the right schedule had to be met extremely strict requirements. The experts of our company fulfilled the tasks successfully based on the experience gained during the several years of cooperation with MVM Rt. The result is a modern reliable transmission network, which can satisfy the telecommunications needs of the power industry in accordance with the rigorous industrial regulations of MVM Rt.