Foundation and mission

Entel Ltd. was founded in 1990, primarily to do business in telecommunications and infocommunications.

In the field of ICT our experts are at the disposal of our clients in infocommunications system design, transmission technology, network design and planning, as well as technical, legal, financial, commercial, investment, business development and project management consulting.

In the course of our several years of operation, we have worked for practically all players of Hungary’s communications market including the ministries competent for communication and the National Media Communications Authority (the NRA in Hungary); but also for major Hungarian public and private companies. Valuable experience was gained in the First Pest Telephone Company project. During the privatization of Hungary’s telecommunications market, we elaborated the bids of several concession companies. Even today we successfully co-operate with several of the concession telephone companies (LTOs). Among other projects, our experts participated in network development projects of the Hungarian Railway (MÁV) and companies of the MVM Group. Entel has contributed to the procurement of the LTE450 network, the development of the National Telecommunications Backbone Network, we supported the multiyear Government Network Development Project and contributed to the Radio Spectrum Strategy of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority.

The regulation of the communications sector has been a key area of our activities for many years: we have been working on regulation-related issues since 1990 and we have always been actively involved in the definition of regulations and have worked for different service providers in connection with regulatory issues.

Business units

Since 2005, our company has expanded its scope of business and established a media technology research and development department whose product development results were introduced to the market under the brand name Inspired Acoustics on its standalone website.

ENTEL Acoustics offers complex acoustical consulting services.

Some of our projects are widely recognized: our virtual instrument products are used in more than 55 countries around the world, and a prominent acoustics project is also covered by UNESCO. We have international representation in Australia, India, Japan and the United States.

Quality system

Keeping the knowledge of our team up-to-date is essential in the field of consulting. Our team of highly qualified senior professionals not only have experience and recognized scientific achievements but also take part in key activities of our professional community such as participating and holding trainings as well as working in standardization committees both on national and international level.

The quality system of Entel won ISO 9001 certification in August 1999 and is renewed and maintained continuously since then.

Our company name and logo is a registered trademark contributing to our goal is to link our name to stability and reliability.