The primary mission of our installation and implementation services is to support the development of Hungary’s mobile telephony industry.

We have established connections in almost all areas of Hungary’s mobile telephony market and we have in-depth knowledge of the activities and achievements of service providers, regulatory bodies and authorities, inspectorates, as well as of the expectations of consumers. We strive to establish long-term relationships with customers which sets high standards for the quality of our work.

Advising and consulting services

Our core activities for companies operating in or entering the telecommunication market include

  • Strategic planning
  • Infrastructure planning and consultancy services
  • Procurement engineering support services
  • Regulation advisory services
  • Compilation of analyses about the telecommunications market
  • Advising on the installation of private networks
  • System selection (bidding organisation, invitation of tenders)
  • Advising on telecom privatization or acquisition
  • Preparation and organisation of investments
  • Economic efficiency and ROI calculations
  • Compilation and evaluation of bids and tenders
  • Preparation of telecom projects
  • Technical/legal analyses for telecom projects, advising on regulation
  • Service licensing/reporting of service launching

Design, planning and engineering services

Our design, planning and engineering services include

  • Compilation of feasibility studies
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Preparation of corporate technical/business plans
  • Elaboration of marketing plans
  • Elaboration of management development programs
  • System planning
  • Network planning: transmission, switching, IP
  • Power and security system planning
  • Planning of buildings
  • Installation and pre-installation planning

Project and construction management

Entel is involved in the several activities as a project manager, main contractor, construction manager or sub-contractor with the assistance of its partners working in the building construction and network installation industries. Such activities include involvement in organisation and construction projects, network installation, building and underground construction. We also provide services of

  • Preparation of construction projects
  • Tender organisation
  • Contracting services (with suppliers, subcontractors, etc.)
  • Elaboration of cooperation and interconnection agreements
  • Supervision of construction projects
  • Technical supervision and auditing of project completion
  • Quality assurance activities

Installation and implementation

Our core activities include planning, site-surveying and licensing and construction. We perform architectural and civil engineering of mobile base stations, survey of sites for base station installation of different technologies (including GSM, GSM-R, 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz services) and construction and turn-key delivery of mobile base stations and transceivers.

Service development and support

For service providers, our service development supporting activities include

  • Regulation advisory related to service development
  • Introduction of Next Generation Networks (NGN)
  • Adaptation problem solving of optical networks
  • Development of wireless networks
  • Introduction of VoIP services
  • Introduction of IP services
  • Development of broadcasting systems
  • Tetra service development
  • GSM service development
  • Preparation of the introduction of new telecommunications services
  • Introduction of value added telecommunications services
  • Elaboration and follow-up of telecom service licences/reports

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Elaboration of telecommunications concession tender

  • For Kelet-Nógrád-Com Rt. (HTCC): Salgótarján primary area
  • For Börzsöny-Com Rt.: Vác, Gödöllő and Esztergom primary areas

National Communications Authority and its predecessors

  • Elaboration of the National Telecom Standards
  • Type approval processes for digital PABX equipment
  • Cooperation and consultation on the national regulation and acceptance testing of ISDN, the introduction and acceptance testing of the No. 7. signalling system and the introduction of OSS systems
  • Preparatory activities related to telecommunications service licence requests
  • Assistance in the compilation of basic technical plans
  • Technical expertise and advice in relation with market survey plan
  • Technical expertise in relation with secondary arbitrations
  • Analysis of the technical processes of the reference offer for unbundled access to the local loop and for bitstream access
  • Technical support on market surveillance activities
  • Analysis on the methodology of on-site monitoring of the market surveillance
  • Analysis of technical and regulatory aspects of the Short Message Services (SMS), exploration of misuse opportunities and other problems
  • Subservience of the data gathering activity
  • Overview and review of the Frequency Management Board’s activities in technical aspect
  • Contribution in the modernization of the numbering system (identifier management) for electronic communication
  • Examination of the government decree engaged in authority’s registrations which fall within the scope of the construction
  • Technical expertise on technical-technological analysis, on networks co-operations, on technical regulation, and on technical regulatory strategy
  • Analysis of premium rate services could use on electronic communications networks, highlighting the risk of consumers
  • Examination on the facilities of access to FTTH GPON networks
  • Analysis on regulatory aspects of the electronic mail (e-mail) services
  • Examination on domestic position and facilities of regulation with technical-quality parameters of bitstream access services
  • Analysis on potential access points and access interfaces of bitstream access services in NGA networks


  • Technical audit (as a subcontractor) connected to the early disengagement of the 900 MHz frequency band used for the operation of MATÁV’s analogue radio subscriber loop (‘AREH’) systems

Magyar Posta

  • Consultation on telecommunications and IT related matters
  • Construction activity management in the Vodafone project, representing Magyar Posta Zrt.


  • Preparation of the introduction of ISDN services
  • Preparation of the development of a telecommunications network

MVM Group

  • Elaboration of the Telecommunications Development System Plan
  • Management of telecom network development
  • Pre-installation planning (OVIT Zrt.)
  • Licensing of telecom networks and services
  • Preparation of equipment supplier tenders
  • Organisation of bidding for a PABX project, project management
  • ISDN measurements
  • LTE450 network procurement engineering services
  • National Backbone Network development support services

Első Pesti Telefontársaság

  • Regulation and service development in relation with electronic communication services
  • Replying regulatory questions arose during telecommunication and IT activities and developments


  • Marketing consultation
  • ISDN cooperation tests and measurements
  • Consultation on building permit obtainment

Pannon GSM

  • Management and telecom consultation
  • Service licensing (Voice over IP)

Pantel (today Invitel)

  • Licensing of telecommunications services

Vodafone Magyarország

  • Supply of GSM repeaters (AVITEC)

Invitel and its former subsidiaries

  • Management of installation of optical cables, in cooperation with MÁV Zrt.
  • Project management: management of GIS project
  • Consultation on telecommunications and IT related matters
  • Licensing of telecom services, reporting of launch of such services to authorities
  • Elaboration of data security and other internal regulations
  • Annual review of the workplace and working environment, risk assessment

OTP Bank

  • Analysis of the customer service processes in telecommunications and informatics aspect

Ministry of IT and Communications

  • Technical principles for the modernisation of the regulation of communications

Other activities

  • Revision and evaluation of telecom plans and offers, their compilation for Nyírtelecom Kft.
  • Telecom survey for Telecom Finland, cooperation with Telecon Oy (Finland)
  • Evaluation of bids for PABX installation for Fővárosi Vízművek Zrt.
  • Evaluation of business plans of concession telephone companies for IID Budapest
  • Telecom vetting, study for development for MALÉV Zrt.
  • Planning and turn-key installation of microwave connection for County Hospital in Zalaegerszeg
  • Compilation of Internet Club feasibility study for Transelektro Zrt.
  • Participation in the compilation of a feasibility study for the Ministry of the Interior, a subcontractor assignment from Auriga Corporation
  • Drafting of principles for the regulation of the telecommunications, IT and technical aspects of the regulation of services, for the IT Government Commissioner’s Office of the Prime Minister’s Office
  • For telecommunications services: preparation, authority licensing and reporting of launch to authorities, for other companies (ATLAS Távközlési Kft., CeCOM Kft., Magyar Telekom Nyrt. (Matáv Rt.), TeleTrade Kft., UPC Magyarország Kft., UST 2 Kft.)

Installation and implementation references

  • Ericsson Magyarország Kft: base station permitting
  • MVM Rt: Installation of base stations on high voltage pylons
    • Site survey
    • Static construction planning
    • Permitting
  • Pannon GSM Rt: In connection with GSM base stations
    • Site survey
    • Obtainment of occupancy permits
    • Management of process of height restriction registration (ensuring line-of-sight of microwave connections)
    • Static construction planning
    • Assistance in installation activities
  • PanTel Rt: Site survey
  • Dunatel Kft.
    • Site survey
    • Static construction planning
    • Assistance in installation activities
  • Westel Mobil Rt: Installation of base stations on high voltage pylons
    • Site survey
    • Static construction planning
    • Permitting