Company History

Entel Ltd. was founded in 1990, primarily to do business in telecommunications. In the course of our several years of operation, we have worked for practically all players of Hungary's communications market including the ministries competent for communication and the National Communications Authority; but also for major Hungarian public and private companies.

Valuable experience was gained in the First Pest Telephone Company project. During the privatization of Hungary's telecommunications market, we elaborated the bids of several concession companies. Even today we successfully co-operate with several of the concession telephone companies (LTOs).

Among other projects, our experts participated in network development projects of the Hungarian Railway (MÁV) and companies of the MVM Group.

Entel has always considered the regulation and the quality of communications services priority issues. Using the finances granted to us from the Communications Found, we prepared studies for the Hungarian Ministry of Transportation, Communication and Water Management and the IT Government Commissioner of the Prime Minister's Office which studies supported the definition of the regulation of GSM, ISDN, Internet and e-commerce services and the relating authority activities.

The regulation of the communications sector has been a key area of our activities for many years: we have been working on regulation-related issues since 1990 and we have always been actively involved in the definition of regulations and have worked for different service providers in connection with regulatory issues.

Realising the convergence of telecommunications and IT, we have been covering more and more of the IT aspects: the key market players in Hungary launched their VoIP services with our assistance.

The quality system of Entel won ISO 9001 certification in August 1999. The certificate was issued by SGS Yarsley International Certification Services Limited. Our quality assurance certificate is renewed and maintained continuously.

Our experts, assisted by legal, finance and business development professionals, offer services to customers in system planning, transmission, switching, signalling, civil engineering, network construction and wireless telecommunications.

Using the results and experience of our several-year operations we continuously extend our service portfolio and now work in projects in telephony, data transmission, mobile telecommunications, IT and governmental infrastructure projects.

Since 2005 we have launched an R&D division for product development the specialty area of media technology. Today this division of Entel known as Inspired Acoustics, develops award-winning products for markets worldwide.